Reading Update: December 13, 2019

So I finally (finally finally) have some time to myself to read again. (cue deep sigh of relief, please!) The last weeks of November/beginning of December are always super crazy for musicians. You want someone to play carols at parties. Provide mood music for craft fairs. Year-end concerts. The like. And if you’re in university,Continue reading “Reading Update: December 13, 2019”

A Brief Writing Update

So for all….okay, probably four of you who read the last writing update and were wondering how the epic fantasy short story was going…well, it’s not. Actually, to be perfectly honest, it stopped “going” shortly before that post was even published. Instead, I had an increasingly frustrating version of writer’s block where I had severalContinue reading “A Brief Writing Update”

Writing Update: August 30, 2019

It’s strange what things will set off my mind down a different path. Four days ago, it was a single photograph of a Neolithic sculpture depicting a conquering warrior. In a dry history text, no less. It wasn’t as if I’d traveled halfway across the world to look at the original stone, thinking about theContinue reading “Writing Update: August 30, 2019”

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