The Thief Lord

Alright, so after griping over The Wizard of Oz, I owe you a good book review. And here it is, in all its whimsical, gritty, beautiful, bizarre, glory. The Thief Lord, everyone. Book Review 7 (spoiler-free): The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke Series: (standalone) Genre: Children’s Fantasy/Magical Realism Bookmarked One Rating: 8/10 Completion Date: LateContinue reading “The Thief Lord”

The Crown Tower

Book Review No. 2 (contains quote, no spoilers) Book: The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan Series: The Riyria Chronicles Genre: Adult Low Fantasy/Alternate History Completion Date: December 25, 2017 (I think) BookmarkedOne Rating: 5/10 Content for the Sensitive Reader: Lots of uncomfortable brothel scenes I skipped over, and I lost track of the bodyContinue reading “The Crown Tower”

The False Prince

Book Review No. 1 (Spoiler-free) Book: The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen Series: The Ascendance Trilogy Genre: YA Low Fantasy/Alternate History Content for the Sensitive Reader: Two violent deaths (neither too graphic), level of sword-fighting and skullduggery usual in fantasy, no foul language or overwrought romance. BookmarkedOne Rating: 9/10 Completion Date: July 10, 2019Continue reading “The False Prince”

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