Book Release Thrill: The Captive Kingdom

I’m usually a very quiet person at home. But there are three things that make me yelp with excitement and alert my neighbors that some small creature might have been hugged to death. Getting exceptionally good results from a writing contest Getting a performance gig I really, really wanted New Book Pity about the squeal.Continue reading “Book Release Thrill: The Captive Kingdom”


There are some books I can’t read. Not because I don’t want to. Simply because I can’t. I realize this doesn’t make any sense. I have a world of words and my fingertips. Any book I want, I can hunt out, even if it takes me years. I’ll find it, from the Prose Eddas toContinue reading “Never-reads”

The Runaway King

Book Review No 20: The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen Series: The Ascendance Trilogy, book 2 Genre: Low Fantasy (YA/Middle Grade) Content for the Sensitive Reader: Typical level of fantasy violence/bloodshed, two characters killed in-scene, various references to devils as oaths, presence of pirates, branding irons, implied innuendo, thievery and layers of deception necessaryContinue reading “The Runaway King”

Writing Update: December 24, 2019

Writing Status: Happily Unblocked Finished a first draft of a short story yesterday. Now it’s down to picking apart little details. Figuring out just what I want to do with the magic system, and if it makes sense to anyone except me. And dwelling on it as if I’m living inside it. Adding the gooeyContinue reading “Writing Update: December 24, 2019”

Reading Update: December 13, 2019

So I finally (finally finally) have some time to myself to read again. (cue deep sigh of relief, please!) The last weeks of November/beginning of December are always super crazy for musicians. You want someone to play carols at parties. Provide mood music for craft fairs. Year-end concerts. The like. And if you’re in university,Continue reading “Reading Update: December 13, 2019”

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