The Sword Umbrella

So most of the time I think my life is pretty boring. I get up in the morning, have tea and a bagel, classes, violin rehearsals, work, I read books, cry over Silmarillion fanart. Okay, mostly boring. Except for the violin parts. Ordinary life is ordinary life. So I don’t post about it, because whoContinue reading “The Sword Umbrella”

Nefarious Adventures Return (Renaissance Fair!)

So here it is! Belated but as promised. Far be it from me to end my Bi-Annual Epic Book Haul on such an enigmatic note and never explain myself. Hold on to your dragons’ tails and buckle your Viking helmets, we’re officially in Renaissance faire season! (cue BookmarkedOne distant screams of delight) I have mentionedContinue reading “Nefarious Adventures Return (Renaissance Fair!)”

The Crown Tower

Book Review No. 2 (contains quote, no spoilers) Book: The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan Series: The Riyria Chronicles Genre: Adult Low Fantasy/Alternate History Completion Date: December 25, 2017 (I think) BookmarkedOne Rating: 5/10 Content for the Sensitive Reader: Lots of uncomfortable brothel scenes I skipped over, and I lost track of the bodyContinue reading “The Crown Tower”

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