Book Review No. 19: Dragonfell by Sarah Prineas Series: Standalone Genre: Children’s Fantasy (middle-grade) Content for the Sensitive Reader: Family tension, level of battle/suspense/violence typical for fantasy. Completion Date: Summer 2019 BookmarkedOne Rating: 7/10 So after falling in love with Sarah Prineas’ Magic Thief series, I had to snap up Dragonfell. I mean, seriously. Dragons.Continue reading “Dragonfell”

The Fog Diver

Book Review No. 9: The Fog Diver by Joel Ross Series: The Fog Diver, book 1 of 2 Genre: Children’s dystopian fantasy/science-fiction (with a dash of steampunk flair for seasoning) Content for the sensitive reader: Some highly dramatic elements/tension, death of one character depicted in some detail. Little concerning language or other objectionable content. ReviewContinue reading “The Fog Diver”

Writing Update: NaNoWriMo…?

So I actually already finished my goal of 50,000 words for the month. Two days ago? Not sure how that happened. Not sure how I feel about it, either. No bells and whistles and whooping went off in my head. No banshee-screams like when I’ve discovered news of favorable contest results, loud enough to frightenContinue reading “Writing Update: NaNoWriMo…?”

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