Catching Up Part 2: Dragonfest 2019

So in between working on NaNoWriMo (I’m still alive after 18,000 words in 6 days! Ha!), here is the promised blog post about Grand Bookish Adventure no. 2: Dragonfest Renaissance faire. Even though it’s been a couple weeks since it happened. As word of explanation, I am a strolling player at the festivals–wander around, wearContinue reading “Catching Up Part 2: Dragonfest 2019”

A Brief Writing Update

So for all….okay, probably four of you who read the last writing update and were wondering how the epic fantasy short story was going…well, it’s not. Actually, to be perfectly honest, it stopped “going” shortly before that post was even published. Instead, I had an increasingly frustrating version of writer’s block where I had severalContinue reading “A Brief Writing Update”

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