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You can sort through the posts by searching for your favorite tags (“Life off the Page” is one of mine), or you can read them all in one go. Everything bookmarkedone is here.

Except me, of course. I’m in the garrett. Reading.

A Realm at Stake (Audiobook Review)

I put off reviewing this a lot longer than I should have. It’s complicated. I’d like to say “This was a great book!” or “This was an okay book,” or even just go wild and shred it in another of my more venomous book rants. You know, the ones that are majority of the reason […]

Lost Tree

They cut down my tree. That’s not the truth, not really. It’s not my tree. Never has been. It grew in a park, where it could have belonged to anyone, or no one at all. I don’t know who cut it down. Maybe nobody did and it died in a storm and fell when no […]

The Future of Bookmarkedone

I’m not particularly good at doing “one thing.” If you doubt me, I would like to point you in the direction of my dual musician/writer career that has thus far gotten me into much trouble I’ve (so far) managed to wriggle out of. Metaphorically, I don’t “sit still.” I want to see what I can […]

Blogiversary (Round 3)!

(flings confetti in the air for Future Me to deal with later) Slice the cake and polish your tiaras! It’s the annual celebration of another year of bookmarkedone! First order of business, the thank-yous and the stats: Thank you to each and every one of my 220 followers for reading and following the blog, from […]


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