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Welcome to the Archive.

You can sort through the posts by searching for your favorite tags (“Life off the Page” is one of mine), or you can read them all in one go. Everything bookmarkedone is here.

Except me, of course. I’m in the garrett. Reading.

Dragonfest 2022

Fairies, bards, bags of buttons, mushroom hats and turkey legs– She’s back from the Renaissance faire, with pocketfuls of trinkets and stories to share! Yes, this has taken me almost a month to publish. NaNoWriMo22 has been stealing all my braincells and I had a few internet crashes that deleted parts of the drafted post […]


Con and Concert (or Why You Shouldn’t Double-Book the Bard)

Is it okay to say that I don’t know where to begin? There comes a time when my chaos becomes too much for even me. Let’s just set the scene, then. It’s a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon, the glass reflecting off the curving front of the expo center, and the Ghostbusters van parked on the […]

Yo, Ho, A Bardic Life for Me (Renaissance Festival)!

So October has kind of exploded. In a good way. Musicians know that there are a few times of year that are really crazy for gigging. March is one if you’re involved in schools because of contests. December–because December (some of us still get a little twitchy if you mention “Sleigh Ride…” that wood block […]

The Wedding Dress (Bardic Adventures)

So I bought a wedding dress last weekend. And before you get the wrong idea, it’s not for me. It’s Rapunzel’s. And this is the point where I have to back up and confess that I’ve been keeping a lot of bardic adventures from the blog while you’re refreshing the page and wondering what’s keeping […]


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