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Except me, of course. I’m in the garrett. Reading.

Writing Update: June 30th, 2022

Anybody in the Writers of the Future circle knows what today is. It’s the last day of the third quarter–and the last day to send in entries to one of the best science-fiction and fantasy contests for new writers in the world. Again. I don’t actually know how many entries I’ve written by now? I’ve […]

The Bookworm Tag

Whilst bookmarkedone was on hiatus, I was tagged by the lovely Elizabeth Hyde at The Temperamental Writer! So thank you, my temperamental friend, for the wonderful surprise. I’m sure you thought I’d forgotten. I haven’t. I was looking forward to doing this while slogging through the last of my finals, and now it’s finally time. […]

Writers of the Future Vol. 38 ARC Review (Part II)

Back for a second round! You know the drill by now, so if you need to catch up and read Part I here, you may do so, but otherwise, it’s on with the show! “The Daddy Box” by Frank Herbert TW: physically abusive relationships, mild language, innuendo Spoilers–I’m not a big Frank Herbert fan. So […]

White Hart Renaissance Festival 2022

So to say there has been chaos in my home lately is an understatement. There has been chaos. Understatement made. But it’s also June! And for those of you who don’t know, June is the month when I read far too much, hunt for fireflies, and watch the Days, hours, minutes and seconds until next […]


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