The Bookworm Tag

Whilst bookmarkedone was on hiatus, I was tagged by the lovely Elizabeth Hyde at The Temperamental Writer! So thank you, my temperamental friend, for the wonderful surprise. I’m sure you thought I’d forgotten. I haven’t. I was looking forward to doing this while slogging through the last of my finals, and now it’s finally time.Continue reading “The Bookworm Tag”

Writers of the Future Vol. 38 ARC Review (Part II)

Back for a second round! You know the drill by now, so if you need to catch up and read Part I here, you may do so, but otherwise, it’s on with the show! “The Daddy Box” by Frank Herbert TW: physically abusive relationships, mild language, innuendo Spoilers–I’m not a big Frank Herbert fan. SoContinue reading “Writers of the Future Vol. 38 ARC Review (Part II)”

White Hart Renaissance Festival 2022

So to say there has been chaos in my home lately is an understatement. There has been chaos. Understatement made. But it’s also June! And for those of you who don’t know, June is the month when I read far too much, hunt for fireflies, and watch the Days, hours, minutes and seconds until nextContinue reading “White Hart Renaissance Festival 2022”

Writers of the Future Vol. 38 ARC Review (Part I)

It’s finally here! A huge thank-you to the lovely folks at GalaxyPress and Writers of the Future for including me in the advanced reader group for the third year running. I might be a little excited about this. But since I’ve gushed over how much I love the WOTF anthology and contest plenty enough before,Continue reading “Writers of the Future Vol. 38 ARC Review (Part I)”

Bookmarked Update/Book Haul

So it’s been two weeks since I promised I was back from Ye No-Blogging Land. In my defense, all that running off of matcha tea, music, and pure spite energy may have finally caught up with me. I got sick. Yeah. It wasn’t fun. Which is why I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. DrinkingContinue reading “Bookmarked Update/Book Haul”

Back by Popular Demand: Bookmarkedone’s Triumphant Return from Hiatus!

I live! I know I warned you, but a month and a half is a really long time to wait. So thank you, everyone, for sticking with me and not deleting the blog from your feed while I was gone. Why was I gone? Well…this happened …and this happened And finals and a bunch ofContinue reading “Back by Popular Demand: Bookmarkedone’s Triumphant Return from Hiatus!”

ARCs, Recommends, and Giveaways! (and one very sleepy violinist)

This isn’t an April Fool’s joke. You really are seeing another rare post from bookmarkedone! Please, contain your enthusiasm. I know, I know, you missed me. I missed me too. Okay, the point is that I have exciting news. Bookmarkedone is an official advance reader for L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future VolumeContinue reading “ARCs, Recommends, and Giveaways! (and one very sleepy violinist)”

Dragonfest Recap, Part II

So teakettles and dragon scales! Off we go again on Part II of my incredibly belated Dragonfest 2021 recap. Let’s just pretend it’s going to be well worth the wait. To set the scene (for those readers who have understandably forgotten): It is October 31. I am at one of my favorite places in theContinue reading “Dragonfest Recap, Part II”

The Sword Umbrella

So most of the time I think my life is pretty boring. I get up in the morning, have tea and a bagel, classes, violin rehearsals, work, I read books, cry over Silmarillion fanart. Okay, mostly boring. Except for the violin parts. Ordinary life is ordinary life. So I don’t post about it, because whoContinue reading “The Sword Umbrella”

Dragonfest Recap

So I was in the news again. Not because I robbed a bank or anything, although I am wearing a mask that hides most of my face. A photographer happened to catch me and my violin in the company of a pirate. Sword-shopping, if you want to know. It’s Dragonfest 2021 recap time, everyone. SoContinue reading “Dragonfest Recap”

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