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Bookmarked Adventures: Free SF/F Writing Con!

Get ready, everyone, because Life, the Universe, and Everything is about to fall into your lap.

Right, so page back in your memories to 2021. A lot of events still cancelled because of Ye Olde Plague, everyone getting a lot of reading done, and even some dedicated introverts starting to miss their fellow nerds, pressing noses to the glass as steampunk plague doctor masks came back into fashion and Death stalked the streets.

Good times, right?

What you might not remember is that the cancellations included the Life, The Universe, and Everything Symposium 2021.


Instead of giving up, the panels were shuffled online and it was on with the show (plus technical difficulties which were just funny most of the time).

Tickets were frankly dirt cheap, the Discord channels were lively, and great fun and edification was had by all.

I talked to Jessica Day George. Yes, the middle-grade fantasy author. Yes, I was slightly terrified.

And it was in the middle of February! So what else did we have to do on a dreary winter weekend?

I spent almost the entire runtime of the symposium curled up in the garrett listening to panels, soaking up brilliance, working on Morale Fiber’s Elf Coat to wear to the next Dragonfest Renaissance festival, and only tearing myself away to stuff food in my face and dash back.

I have no memory of what I ate that weekend. I don’t know why I say that like I normally would.

(I could go on waxing poetic, but you could also just read my LTUE post if you missed it)

So you know after having a time like that, I was more than ready for the next year. It was too much fun.

Important note here. LTUE is normally in Utah.


Bookmarkedone does not live in Utah.

And in 2022…LTUE was fully in-person. No online component.

(cue sounds of bookmarkedone being utterly crushed, contemplating a ridiculously long trip and plodding back to uni)

Why am I telling you this admittedly sad story?

Because, darlings, it turns out the disappointment of last February was only the second act of this adventure.


The LTUE Edge of the Universe Mini-Conference on August 20th!


Guys, it’s here.

Allow me to clarify:

  • It’s fully online so you can join in remotely from your own writing garrett/Hobbit Hole/tree house/exploding nebula. As long as you’ve got an internet connection.
  • It’s completely, utterly, and totally free. Have you been won over yet? Yes, yes, you have.
  • It’s recommended by your favorite snobbish book curmudgeon. Yes, me. LTUE is fabulous. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. You’ve read my book reviews, you know.
  • Panel topics include books around the world, board games, writing dialogue, book marketing, self editing–anything a writer, gamer, roleplayer, or general bookworm could ask for. Really, the hardest part about LTUE is picking which panels to attend and which ones to miss because ooh what if that’s a good one too!

So it’s basically cake. Or leprechaun gold, I guess. I know, it seems too good to be true and you’re probably checking the fine print for signs of a Faerie contract, but hey, I made it into last year’s and out again, so…

…that’s probably not as comforting a reassurance as it should be.

Anyway, since I’ve now so obviously convinced you, (drumroll please)

Come join me on the Edge of the Universe!

You can register here to get access to the Discord server and panels once they go live (word of the wise, check and triple-check your time zone). I’ll be there too (@bookmarkedone! Okay, technically already am there since I logged in like a week ago to poke around), so feel free to @ me in Discord and make a big show to all the other writers there about how cool a blogger I am…or don’t and play Where’s Waldo Bookmarkedone edition until I inevitably pop up in the chat.

If you do want to hang out…it would quite literally make my day if I find out someone came because of my posts.

Also as I’m writing this post, I’m discovering someone in Paris tried to log into my Discord. Like, as of today.

Um. Okay. You can’t have it, but thanks.

(sounds of bookmarkedone crafting a more devious password)

And…yeah, that’s it. Come to the Edge of the Universe this Saturday and get your mind blown.

And if you come out still craving for more?

Oh, I’m so pleased you asked.

Science Fiction Writer’s Week presented by ProWriting Aid (August 29)

I’ll be honest. I’ve not actually been to a ProWritingAid conference before. I signed up for Fantasy Writers’ Week last spring, but life was absolutely mad (something about getting a diploma? what nonsense) and I ended up missing it.

Not so this time! I fully intend to go and see what’s what.

That’s not to say I can’t add to the hype. Pros of this one? Besides hanging out with me, of course.

  • Instead of a few hours on a Saturday, this conference is a week long. A week of glorious nerdery! Miss one day because of scheduling conflicts? Come back tomorrow! Coming for every session? Even better.
  • Like the Edge of the Universe mini-conference, Sci-Fi Writers’ Week is totally free. Sign up and get access to goodies. That’s it.
  • And it’s also totally online. Because why leave the overstuffed armchair in the library if you don’t have to?
  • Panel topics include worldbuilding, networking, marketing, revising, protagonist/antagonist dynamics, and a literal pile of big-name SF authors on the panel list.

Convinced yet? Thought so. You can register here and see the full list of guests and panelists for yourself. Should be a good time!

If after my brilliant description you still aren’t tagging along on the adventure…or you just can’t make time stretch and pull enough to fit something else in–

Never fear. I’ll be hitting the highlights on the blog after both events. I imagine I’ll have at least a few good stories to share.

So…yeah! I’m off to the Edge of the Universe.

See you soon!

As usual, I do not get any bribery money, merch, chocolate, books, head pats or other reimbursement from plugging these events. I just think they’re cool and want to share.


3 responses to “Bookmarked Adventures: Free SF/F Writing Con!”

  1. Thanks so much for making this post! I always have such a hard time finding free online conferences so finding out about two in one post is like striking gold! Would you mind if I reblogged this (a short excerpt with a link back to the original post)? I’d love for more people to know about these opportunities!

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