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The Future of Bookmarkedone

I’m not particularly good at doing “one thing.”

If you doubt me, I would like to point you in the direction of my dual musician/writer career that has thus far gotten me into much trouble I’ve (so far) managed to wriggle out of.

Metaphorically, I don’t “sit still.”

I want to see what I can do. I want a challenge. I want to see what I’m up against and then knock it flat.

I want to tell stories.

And not just to The Void. I do that enough already. Half the fun of telling a story is having an audience, knowing that someone else is feeling happy or scared or elated or devastated right along with you, seeing another world appear like magic before their eyes.

If you were around to celebrate Blogiversary #3, you’ve probably caught on to what I’m getting at here.

I want a new challenge for bookmarkedone.

And you get to help me choose what it is!

Shall I:

  • Get on YouTube/other online platform, drag out my microphone and rant to you about writing, books, poetry, literary theory, etymology (note: this means you actually get to hear my voice instead of guessing what I sound like from syntax and theory).
  • Get on YouTube/other online platform, drag out my microphone and record some original music tracks for you to jam to (medieval bard or genre-less violin style) during your own writing adventures.
  • Change nothing! Because you love the blog exactly the way it is and can’t imagine it being more perfect…or you just don’t care/don’t have time to add anything else to your listening library (and I’ll be shouting to The Void again…very sad).
  • I’m also leaving a blank question for Your Brilliant Ideas because you’re dazzling readers (blows a kiss) and you can probably come up with things that would never cross my mind but yes now I must do it Jekyll, bring the light and coffee grinder we’re going no stops we’re going these people are almost as mad as I am. And if you shamelessly want to plug your own content because you want a guest blog, book review, music collab., etc., that’s what I’m here for. Please. Be shameless. Plug your stuff.

And if you’re especially thrilled with the idea, I’m also running a poll on Twitter with essentially the same questions. I’ll count all the votes, so if you want to vote twice,

Do it.

I’m not kidding. It’ll make my day.

Um…yes. That’s it. That’s the rules. Time to send you off to go break them.

So drumroll please, for the illustrious and brilliant readers of as they hold council and determine their writer’s fate.

I’m counting on you.


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