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The 200 Followers Appreciation Post

(flings confetti in the air and runs away before anyone can demand who made the mess, because yes, I am a little goblin)

It’s here! Bookmarkedone officially has 200 followers!

(distant screaming)

So first a huge thank you is in order to everyone who has stuck with me through the (sometimes erratic) posts, reading and commenting and liking all the things and letting me know that my stuff isn’t half bad and that I’m not writing to a dark an empty void.

(pats the Void on the insubstantial head. Don’t worry. I still love you, too.)

It’s been lovely to share my books and adventures with you for the last two and a half years, and I plan to keep blogging for a while to come.

But I think most importantly, I’d like to thank everyone who’s put up with the times when I “go dark” and don’t post for weeks at a time because I’m just so worn out with “Other Life Responsibilities” (I lead a chaotic life), or have one of those days when I don’t feel I have anything exciting or important to say.

Thank you for sticking by me, for waiting until I’m ready, and for reading when that next post finally appears. I know there are lots of other blogs that could capture your attention, so it means something that you spend your time with me.

Right. Better stop this before I say thank you so many times it gets ridiculous.

Until next time, happy reading!


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