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Book Giveaway Winners!

It’s finally time! Mine is the pleasure to announce the two lucky winners of our first BookmarkedOne giveaway!

A little refresher for those who weren’t fanatically reading each recent installment of my blog:

Amy Bartelloni, in association with my review of the first Children of Camelot book, has graciously agreed to give away a signed hard copy of The Children of Camelot and an ebook bundle of the three-book series to two lucky winners.

Drumroll, please!

Our winners are:

Shaina F., of The Beauty of a Story (winner of the signed copy of The Children of Camelot)


Sarah S., of Sixty-Something Trees (winner of the complete series).

A hearty congratulations to both of you! You have some happy hours of reading ahead of you.

Thank you to everyone for following this adventure from review to giveaway. And while you’re not perusing my dragon-related posts, feel free to check out more of Amy Bartelloni’s work on her website and the blogs of the two lovely ladies above.

Or, you know, if you’re ambitious, finish that NaNoWriMo novel this month and come ask me to review yours!


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