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In light of your concern…

Hi. I’m okay, thanks for checking. I know there were probably some of you who wondered if my corner of the universe had imploded since I didn’t make a September 22 Hobbit Day post.

I am sorry about that.

I also don’t have a great excuse. I think I blinked at the beginning of September and missed the rest of it. I have been running to the four winds, having my first live orchestra concerts in over a year, not getting enough sleep, plotting book reviews, teaching loved ones useful phrases in foreign languages, finally committing to building my own fairy language, going to the Epic Library Book Sale, learning that I am too introverted and wordy to understand the concept behind Twitter (but please visit me there anyway), and thinking about mangoes.

Hi. I think I’m okay. As much as usual. Maybe I did have a good excuse for not posting in there somewhere.

And you may have realized by now that in real life (i.e., the place where I’m not an incognito book reviewer and people actually refer to me by name…a name, any name, because apparently it’s really difficult to remember mine) that I’m not the most vocal person in the world.

If I don’t have something that should be said, I shut up.

The same rule applies to the blog. I don’t post all the time because I don’t want to waste your hoarded reading moments with something that isn’t worth it.

I think the moral of the story is that if you want more frequent blog posts, hunt me down and leave a baby dragon on my doorstep or just show up in a van full of fictional characters and say let’s go world-hopping.

I’m really not responsible for the fact that life is sometimes boring. I try to make it as chaotic as possible.

But in the light that the desire not to bore you may have the side effect of making you think I’m dead–

Enjoy this little random update. BookmarkedOne will soon return to regular programming.

So, you’re curious about what I was saying earlier?

  • The first orchestra concert was lovely, thank you. It was also weird because I had to remember what it feels like to be onstage with other people listening. Ordinary things like breathing become complicated. It’s good to be back at it.
  • You shouldn’t ask about the “not getting enough sleep” part. It’s 12:48 a.m. This is the norm. I don’t know why I brought it up.
  • I have my first solicited book review coming up! Amy Bartelloni politely requested a review (which you know I pounced on), and it’s going to be in the next few things I post. Spoiler alert: the review is going to be a fun one. And the author has agreed to let BookmarkedOne host a book giveaway, so if you aren’t excited by that–what are you even doing on this blog?
  • It was too hot to be walking as far as I was walking one day, so I taught a loved one how to say “It’s too hot. We want ice cream” in German, because…that’s what I do when I’m bored? But in retrospect, I realize I didn’t just teach the phrase “We would like ice cream, please.” It’s more of the (slams fist on table) “WE WANT ICE CREAM” version, which is appropriate in suspicious taverns, occasionally at my place and nowhere else generally if you actually want the request to yield positive results (ice cream’s at stake, you do). This week’s word is “müde,” because it means tired, and I am, and the power of this widened vocabulary has already been abused and I’m both entertained and horrified at the varied pronunciations of the umlaut.
  • You did read that right. I am building a language. Very slowly. There’s no grammar to speak of yet, and I’m still using the English alphabet (with additions and substitutions). My little tree will grow.
  • There’s a book haul post coming in the near future too. Right now the latest additions to the hoard are sitting mildly beside the giant blue pillow chair, patiently waiting for me to enthrone them on their sacred shelves. I do not exaggerate.
  • Shameless plug for my Twitter account @bookmarkedone again, because I’m lonely over there and don’t know how to get the word out that I will write reviews for free books, because free books! Who’s the real winner here?
  • Draw your own conclusions about the mangoes. If it leads to a good story, leave me a comment. I’ll read it.

That’s probably enough for now.

I wish you all variously good night, good morning, and good reading.

Thanks for sticking with me. There are more books and dragons to come.


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