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Drumroll, please, for BookmarkedOne’s second blogiversary!

I’m still here!


So first order of business is to say thank you to my 181 followers for putting up with my book snobbery and reading my late-night rants about dragons and tea (or sometimes dragons drinking tea).

Thank you. Your comments usually wind up making my day. It’s quite a refreshing change from writing into the void.

Second is to note that this is post #145 on BookmarkedOne. It would be a higher number than that, but life has been cruelly busy for me this summer and I have been neglecting my blog. And I needed to recuperate after Les Miserables.

Third up is that BookmarkedOne is now on Twitter (click here) to say hi or deliver that 280-character-or-less death threat you’ve been itching to loose upon the world. Either way, come visit your antisocial book hoarder and see what havoc we brilliantly sleep-deprived minds can come up with on a new platform.

And last but not least, following last year’s tradition, I’m going to post a list of random stuff to make this post look like it has a reasonable length.

  • If I’ve done my job, you’ll be hard-pressed to actually find my real name anywhere on the site.
  • I have officially typed so much on my laptop that different keys are beginning to stick and create weird typos. So far the stickiest contenders are “n” and “0.” Observers would probably be confused to see me punch those keys with extra gusto. One of the many reasons I’m not one of those cute writers who sits with their drink and types in a café. Definitely more the things that go bump in the garret writing type.
  • Current WIP draft length is 1,712 pages.
  • I made a mock SF/F journal this week and problematically friends and fellows told me how much they wanted it to be real. I do not have time or resources to launch a real literary journal, thank you. Stop tempting me because we all know I could.
  • I love NaNoWriMo.
  • Indie books make me sad because usually (sorry) they don’t get traditional publishers because they aren’t ready to be published and sometimes I find one that could be really good but now it will probably never get the press it deserves and the whole situation makes me want to curl up under a giant blanket with a mug of cocoa even in 96-degree weather because good stories deserve to be read by everybody and shabby ones shouldn’t waste our time.
  • Search history on said sticky-keyed laptop for the letter “a” suggests “afternoon tea time,” “argent of avalon,” “average december temperature new york,” and “agents of shield.” Maybe I should start writing prompts where the readership has to build a story out of what I’m up to this week…
  • I still can’t find it in me to appreciate literary fiction. I tried.
  • I refer to the nights I’m sitting up reading as the Insomnia Book Club, even though the only member is myself. Any takers?
  • Desperately want dragons and time machines. Or dragon time machines. Or time machine dragons. Or all three.
  • I would rather sit and listen to you tell me about your fictional characters and why you love them for hours on end than a lot of other hobbies that are inexplicably more popular. I have no patience for people who interrupt said discussions with “not real.”

That’s probably enough from me for today. I’m off to practice some Bach on my violin before it’s too late and I get angry letters from the neighbors. As always, thank you for reading.


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