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Midwinter Stars, Dune, and Ink…another writing update

I’m quite terrible at astronomy. Always have been. Even before I became a nearsighted creature from too many books and the sky went blurry-blurry.

But I do love a sky full of stars. It doesn’t matter what their names are or what pattern they make in their dance, I just find the night beautiful. Maybe someday I’ll learn them all. For now I’m happy to wax poetic over that fairylike silver light in my writing.

Yesterday was a slight exception to the rule. I went out looking for the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice, longest night of the year.

I guess it’s hard to miss something that bright. Didn’t stop me from being rather pleased with myself, enjoying the sight perched in a tree.

Yes, I climbed a tree in the dark. Had a better view that way.

In between that adventure and (as always) writing like mad, I have cheerfully been paging my way through Dune.

I won’t lie–there are times I’m slightly muddled by the technical jargon. And I’m not a big fan of “the prophesy.” But sandworms seem remarkably like wingless desert dragons, the Bene Gesserit mentalism/magic/concentration is absolutely fascinating, and almost every character to step into view is compelling.

In other words, yes. Yes, please.

Writing? At the moment I am at the “I-hate-every-word-of-this” stage of my latest Writers of the Future entry. In translation? It’s almost done. I’m planning to shred the whole thing apart and piece it back together again, shove both versions at my alpha readers, and see what happens. In the next nine days.

Do I hear you wish me luck? Yes, I could use some. No more than usual, of course. This is becoming quite normal for my writing process.

I know, I know. It’s my own fault for trying to use what should be a chunk of a novel as a short story. I’m bogging myself down with so many gorgeous details that novel readers would relish…and short story readers would be utterly baffled by. And high urban fantasy is complicated enough.

But when characters are more persuasive than the author…sometimes it’s just more enjoyable to go along for the ride. See where we wind up.

And, naturally, wax poetic about the stars along the way.


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