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The 100 Followers Appreciation Post

Raising my glass (or tea tankard, as the case may be) to the lovely readers who have found something they like in BookmarkedOne! A hearty thank-you to you all. This wouldn’t be nearly as much fun writing to silent void. And I know. I’ve experience in both.

I am aware I’m late to the party for my own blog, so to speak. Technically it’s past 100 followers now. In my defense, I was in the trenches of NaNoWriMo when I got the notification, and throwing another post into my schedule just then was beyond mad.

So a correction, then. Thank you to the 100 followers and the 13 more recent followers who are equally important in terms of cheering me up as I blog.


I have no idea what to do now.

Suggestion box? Books you’d like reviewed? Snarky comments? Content requests? Complaints about my exceptionally mousy quietness on the remaining Harry Potter books and the long-promised Name of the Wind review?

About that…it’s next on the list. Right after I check the box on this post.

In the meantime, a few random things because it seems wrong to post something so short.

  • Reading Dune at the moment. It is already so much better than Runelords and the first Shannara book put together I’m afraid to say anything else in case I jinx myself into a massive disappointment. I hope it’s good. I really hope it’s good. Thoughts?
  • Finally figured out the magic art of pinning my hair up with just a stick. Not only does this have the effect of making me feel like a wizard every time I do it, I will literally never need to be separated from my pencil again. Apologies to all those with short hair and cute pixie cuts I’ve just made very jealous.
  • Had a character tell me (just as I was finishing NaNo) “Yes, I’m willing to die for xyz character because x has had a very hard life and I want x to have a happy ending.” And then I was on the edge of tears for at least three days. I’ve had characters die, either by tragic accident or going with jaw set to doom. But I have never, in the history of ever, had a character this good-hearted. All of the others fight death kicking and screaming. As they should. If anything happens to this Twizzler-eating little hero, I’m not sure I’ll ever emotionally recover. Send help.
  • Had three socially-distanced violin recitals/events/things in the last few days. Which is substantially low for this time of the year. Still trying to decide if it felt right to be in the swing of things or weird. At least I didn’t get “please do not have dead fish face” as a comment this year. One good thing about wearing a mask. No one can tell how hard I might be concentrating.
  • There’s a Pat Rothfuss on NaNo. It’s either actually him or a forgery by someone who really knows what they’re doing. Hard to tell. I salute the fabulous either way.
  • I owe someone a pie. That really makes me sound like a Hobbit, doesn’t it?

As always, wherever you are and whatever the book, happy reading.


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