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Scribbling Habits…and writerly downfalls…

Have you ever wanted to google your characters?

I write a lot from research, as many other writers do. If I’m working on a story, it’s normal for me to pop over to a search engine to ask what are the names of Italian masquerade masks? Victorian era poisons? What do said poisons smell like? Welsh word for lost? Current housing prices in New York? Extant circuses? Tempestarii?

Today I was thinking about a character I’ve spent an obsessively long time working on. And as I was working (on something entirely unrelated, of course), I thought When was his birthday again? I know it’s coming up. When did I say…but then, it’s not as if I can type into Google and expect them to have any idea what I’m talking about.

As if.

If the book were wildly popular and had a fandom to keep track of all these things for me, that would be something…but that implies that it’s also published.

Again, as if.

I think part of the reason this idea is so irritatingly attractive is because my organizational skills quite frankly, stink. I mollify myself with the idea that in a 1300+ page fantasy draft, everyone’s would.

Somewhere in that mass of letters I might have left myself a clue. But it’s just as possible it’s one of those things that is floating around in my head, that has been patiently waiting for me to stop reading other people’s books, working, blogging, procrastinating, and hiding in anxious terror as I debate whether or not it’s the right word.

Because it’s so endlessly annoying to write a scene you know is perfect, has all the emotional pulls, and it just isn’t your day and the prose doesn’t flow.

So until I find my nerve and finish that story and it gets another hundred pages tacked on…

Would someone brilliant mind very much inventing a writing app so we can all google our characters?


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