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1300 Page Drafts…and other writing things

Another messy writing update

I remember mentioning somewhere on this blog that I have a monster draft encompassing 1100 pages.

Well, update time. The monster is now 1301 pages long. And 100 pages of that were typed up (yes, I admit it, very late at night) in the last few weeks.

Send help.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

If I’m honest with myself, I’m a little scared of this thing. Perhaps mostly because it’s the only story I really want to write. And what a story it is! Through the pages I’ve roamed all the way from typical medieval fantasy forests to finding my very own brand of magic system, to illegal gambling and high society in New York, shell-shocked battlefields, dragon lairs, and back again. I can’t imagine giving it a synopsis, because I know if I have it in me to polish this thing out the way it should be written, I’ll have at least three books on my hands. Possibly more like seven.

Most of it is probably pure rubbish.

But it’s my rubbish.

I’ve started thinking of it (though with hesitation) as my own personal Silmarillion. People say that was the book Tolkien simply couldn’t finish while he was alive, because it grew and changed and lived as he did.

I’m hoping that’s not the case with mine. But it’s certainly a far cry from something I just decided to sit down and write. Not at all like the brief short stories I set aside when they’re finished. This monster draft…it’s quite like I’m telling someone else’s story, really. And I can’t go forward, can’t force it into shape, until it tells me what it wants to do.

It’s a very ineffective way to write.


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