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Blogiversary! July 28, 2020

Light the fireworks and bring in the Hobbit feast! BookmarkedOne has officially reached its one year birthday!

I don’t quite know what to do with myself now.

It doesn’t really seem like it can have been a year already. But it is–365 days, 88 posts, and here we are.

So how am I going to celebrate? Well, not with ice cream it seems, since I don’t have any in the house (I know, I know. Gotta fix that). And one book review doesn’t really encapsulate the madcap trip this has been so–

Yup. A few random happy facts about books and my odd little blog. Off we go.

  • I started blogging last year not because of books, but because of my voice acting life. Weird, I know. But after building that site (which frankly, I’ve all but ignored since), I did what I’d wanted to do for a long time and made my very own book blog.
  • My favorite book genre was, is, and most likely forever and always will be fantasy. Do not ever speak against Master Tolkien in my presence if you’re trying to make friends. If you’re trying to make enemies, I’m sure we can come up with some better dialogue that does not end with you reading the entire Silmarillion after losing a miserable debate. Cheers.
  • Why did I name the blog “Bookmarkedone?” Yay! I finally get to tell this story! As usual, it has its roots with masters Tolkien and Lewis (deep bow). I always loved the idea of their writer’s club “Inklings” (and if anybody has a time machine, please take me there), and failing any brilliance of my own, I decided to imitate the greats. I got my first pair of glasses at fifteen or sixteen. Nearsighted, after smuggling too many books to be read with dim flashlights under the covers at night. And between a bookish friend happily welcoming me to the ranks of the bespectacled and memories of Inklings, I realized my books had left their own mark on me. Not long after, “bookmarkedone” appeared. Same name on Goodreads. Feel free to look me up; you might recognize the signature wizard hat. Somehow I enjoy the enigma of not using my real name. Which, by the way, you’ll be lucky to find anywhere on the blog.
  • I have never read Great Expectations or Beowulf. Excuse me as I cringe under the disapproving stare of my own guilt.
  • If you type “a” into my search bar at the moment, the first past searches that pop up are “apple wand” and “average faces.” When we writers talk about erasing our internet history, we’re serious. We search things that on paper look like the world’s weirdest grocery list. “Yes, I’ll have a bundle of leeks, two largest world’s corporations, bar slang, magical properties, and the pop tarts.” Typing “e,” in case you were wondering, suggests “eclipse July 2020” and “egg bagel.” No comment on why I might have leeks and pop tarts on the same grocery list.
  • I hate introductions.
  • I judge books by the covers. And I have an artistic friend who tells me that this makes a world of designers very happy.
  • As a general rule, I hate writing advice. I’m going to stop there before this post is hijacked by a long-winded rant.
  • I think James Riley is a brilliant lunatic and loved his Story Thieves series more than I am willing to admit. Friends have become familiar that he is referred to casually in conversation as “the madman.” Not to be confused with Patrick Rothfuss, who is “the bearded madman.”
  • I’ve considered blogging about my favorite movies as well as books but haven’t done so (is it a good idea? Is it? Is it horrible?). The list would naturally include The Princess Bride. Anyone who says differently is selling something.
  • I’m terrible at icebreakers. It’s not a good combination to have a very cagey personality and be endlessly philosophical about pointless questions nobody else cares about anyway.
  • I don’t have healthy relationships with books. They come out of it okay; I don’t.
  • I write on the walls.
  • I did not forget my blogiversary. And if I hit publish within the next twenty minutes, it actually still will be on the day.

I’m sure there are more random things I could add. But they might just have to wait for another day. I’ve put this off long enough already.

So a last hurrah, a thank-you to everyone who stumbled across my corner of the world and kindly decided to stay–

And if you’ll excuse me, I need to go in search of a congratulatory pudding.


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