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Writing Update: May 12, 2020

My writing brain tends to click on at the most inopportune times.

One o’clock in the morning on a regular basis. While moving house. During university finals.

So here I am, craziest time of the year, elbow-deep in urban fantasy.


Can’t say I’m anything but perfectly happy about it. It’s not great for getting work done, but when you’re spending all the free time you don’t have with a paranormal-style/Peter Pan vibe/nightmare creature/urban fantasy/super rude and snarky wizard girl…

…things could be worse.

It’s a story I’ve been trying to write officially since the end of March. And it’s finally starting to fall into place. So I’m not about to gripe that I’m too busy to have inspiration or write.

What else have I been doing?

  • Played a violin jury barefoot in my bookroom because virus meant everything was submitted by video and the camera wasn’t showing my feet anyway (Hobbit-child’s tacit rebellion against shoes was strong that day),
  • Tried not to have “dead-fish-face” while performing after last semester’s jury comments
  • Had existential breakdown and reconsidered almost all of my life choices after listening to said jury recordings because I hate hearing my mistakes, submitted them and died a little inside,
  • Discovered the “h” and “0” keys on my keyboard are starting to stick from being violently pounded too often during passionate writing sessions, leaving me highly irritating typos to find later,
  • Googled for images of combat boots, obsidian pendants, and actual bar slang/cocktails from the 1920s (only writers will understand why),
  • Sent incoherent text messages and emails to writing buddies/friends also in the rush of end-of-year things that make literally no sense in or out of context but assure us all that we’re still alive and at least partially functioning,
  • Scrambled to finish the last of my university finals while hunting through my brain for a single shred of willpower to keep studying.

…which is what I should be doing now.

In a few more days, things will be back to normal…or whatever level of weirdness is normal for me and my book dragons. Am fully planning to celebrate my escape of stress with ice cream and a lot of writing time.

Priorities, right?

Until then, happy reading!


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