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A Brief Book Blog Post

So a big drumroll please, because tomorrow, Writers of the Future Vol. 36 is released!

And somehow I made it onto the advanced reader list for one of the biggest science fiction and fantasy anthologies of the year.

One does not turn down that opportunity, however madcap the schedule. So in between the usual life stuff, I’ve been spending my week with more friendly neighborhood automatons, time travelers with vicious intent, and fluffy deaths than usual.

By slightly, at least.

For those of you not familiar with the science fiction and fantasy writing contest world, please feel free to check out the official Writers of the Future blog and be amazed…

I’m planning on a blog post ranting about each of the stories in at least a little detail (without spoilers), but it doesn’t look like that will happen tonight…somebody has a paper to write, even if all the goblins of a greenwood are sitting in a line on her desk, eating crumpets and drinking tea.

And since I’ve been most politely forbidden from sharing any of the other awesome artwork included in the volume until the release, do please take an extra minute to notice the cover art at the beginning of the post. It’s just a sample of the glorious color and loveliness inside.

So happy early birthday to the book!

More to come soon!


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