Pitchapalooza!/Writing Update

Today was the day!

Twenty books randomly chosen from National November Writing Month participants were pitched to The Book Doctors. In a live video stream, those twenty lucky pitches are reviewed, and two of those have a chance to be sent to an official publisher.

Was I ready for this?

Was I waiting two hours early for the video to go live?

Erm…yeah. Actually, probably earlier than that.

Did the pitch for my messy little collection of fantasy short stories get randomly picked for review?

Well…no. Not this time. That’s how random odds go.

(small sigh).

But I did get to enjoy the reaction of someone else whose pitch got picked in live chat (congratulations, everybody!). The critiques offered were useful for everyone, regardless of whose pitch it was–and the Book Doctors were very sensitive and kind about all the books.

And if we’re totally honest…I wasn’t super worried about it. The pitch was something I sent off for fun.

Because if it had actually won, right now I’d be staring at the bare bone structure I dared to call a novel and start charging into the battlefield of editing with the war cry of not ready not ready not ready!

Wasn’t time for that book yet. Especially since my attention writing-wise is elsewhere aat the moment. And that’s just fine.

What am I doing now?

Writing. Scribbling away at my 410,000 word work-in-progress. Sometimes feeling like I’m actually making progress. Waiting for my Writers of the Future results to come this month. Feeling like a lazy cat curled up in my reading nook.

It’s not a bad way to spend a day.

Happy reading (and writing) all!

Published by bookmarkedone

I am a voice actress, book addict, musician, and writer. The one thing I do best is tell stories, whether I'm writing them or performing as the character.

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