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Nerd Cons and Adventures

…and swords and the love theme from Titanic.

So I spent my Saturday with a group of mercenaries happily attacking each other with steel weapons, waving at the Queen, participating in the arrest of anti-heroes, and playing as much fiddle music as I could.

Is it true most people just have friends over to watch a movie on the weekends and order a pizza?

In the likelihood you are confused, the short explanation is that I joined a gang group of historical fighters who wanted a fiddler to set the mood. At a nerd con. I can’t really say it was a comic con when swords and dragons outnumbered comics at least 2-1. Legos probably beat both though.

Anyway. It only seems right to start with the implied job description.

Wanted: one fiddle player, also a bagpiper if possible. Should be able to learn march music. Wear cool clothes. Be comfortable watching grown men and women pummel each other to paste in the glory of medieval sportsmanship for the entertainment of all.

Or something like that.

You know, it’s really not every day you get to see Edna Mode, DC characters, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I in one place. Could I really say no?

So tune the violin strings, fasten the cloak, and off I went to perform at my first convention!

I was a little worried about finding the group amid all the people at the con–but that problem was quickly taken care of. Apparently I should have remembered that steel armor is easily visible halfway across a field. And the Order wears bright red.

Granted, I also thought Dr. Strange was one of our company when I got there…but he was just admiring the weaponry. Stranger things have happened. Good costume, too.

Most of the day I was free to wander around the con…so I did. I don’t know all the fandoms people make there…but I like seeing them. Exploring. Watching people squeal over other people’s costumes. Playing music behind someone and then disappearing. Realizing I need to learn tunes for Spiderman and Assassin’s Creed and probably dozens of other characters I saw during the day. Waving at all the people I knew from Dragonfest. Picking out different themes for each fighter as the knights entered the ring (well, the square, if we’re honest with ourselves. Why do we call it a ring? Anyone?).

I probably don’t have the time to describe everything that happened. The nice thing about places like that is it’s so far out of the ordinary, you begin to think that everything is normal–and anything wonderful could happen.

A favorite moment (if you can imagine this):

My new mercenary fellows have placed Deadpool is in the stocks (because money. Dr. Who paid them to do it). Another Deadpool is consoling him(self?), holding the prisoner’s hand and putting a pinecone on his head. Yes, a pinecone. I haven’t the faintest idea why. It’s purportedly a very tender moment.

Random girl standing by me suddenly turns and asks “Do you know the love theme from Titanic?”

Well, yes, actually, I did.

I started playing, two Deadpools holding hands, and it was one of those moments where we all looked at each other for that brief second before laughing our heads off. Of course the two Deadpools threw themselves into the moment, making the whole thing even more ridiculous.

I had to thank the girl afterward–it was quite brilliant.

And yes, they eventually let Deadpool out of the stocks.

Also played the tune later so Joker could hug Deadpool consolingly while they both cried buckets of tears. The Joker asked very politely, so…I didn’t ask questions as to the nature of the tragedy. It was the end of the day, and after that long smeshed between knights and comic book characters, everything started to seem relatively normal.


I imagine that’s how it would be if you stepped into a book–for a while, you’re baffled, but then you find your friends and charge headlong into adventure. And after a while, it starts to feel like home.

That’s the way I’d do it, at least.


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