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Writing Update: March 3, 2020

Writing Status: Unblocked, but at the most inconvenient times.

Why is it we have our most brilliant ideas when we have no pens? Or paper? Or are trying to study/work/are being observed by the more sane non-writerly portion of the population (is “more sane” even the right term for that)?

I shouldn’t have dazzling ideas during midterms.


Last week was also the deadline for Pitchapalooza through NaNoWriMo. In short, I scribbled up a half-intelligible explanation of my (not at all polished) rough draft of the 60,000-odd word novel from last November, made myself sound like the New York Times Bestselling Author I am most certainly not, and hoped it got to be one of the 20 random book pitches chosen for review in two weeks.

The site can explain the logistics far better than I could.

But since the top 20 are chosen randomly, my odd, too-academic snobbery-sounding collection of short stories might have a chance.

Pasted it. Hit send.

That done, I stumbled across a random book called The Shadow of the Bear, read the shortest snippet, and caught wind of an idea.

Plunged back into my fictional version of wizardly New York, typed like a twenty-fingered madwoman for several hours while listening to the same fantasy song on repeat.

New character. New gaps in the ever-tangling timeline. New magical theories. Two deserted buildings. One quarter cup of pyrotechnics. Handful of existential theories of literature and philology folded into the batter. Stirred just until consistency is smooth.

Remembered I have a midterm exam in two days. Studied…

…and went back to writing.

This does not constitute advice.

If I sound distracted and breathless…it’s probably because I am. I tend to hit the ground running these days and hope somewhere along the way I’ll sprout wings.

But if writing is flying,

then I am already the happiest of Never-birds.


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