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Writing Update: December 24, 2019

Writing Status: Happily Unblocked

Finished a first draft of a short story yesterday. Now it’s down to picking apart little details. Figuring out just what I want to do with the magic system, and if it makes sense to anyone except me. And dwelling on it as if I’m living inside it. Adding the gooey details. Like the ghosts of raindrops and peanut brittle.

Yes, peanut brittle. It’s modern-day fantasy. I can do what I want.

You didn’t think I’d stop writing during Christmas, did you?


And of course sometime I have to find the nerve to submit it to the contest I intended it for (in six days). I don’t normally have qualms about submissions if I know the story’s finished…but this one is…sensitive. It’s part of a larger story I’ve been working on for a while. One that I’ve talked about but haven’t actually shown anyone a word of yet.

Hence the trepidation.

Reading Update:

Still contentedly dwelling inside The Runaway King’s pages. It took me a little longer to warm up to this one, but I suspect Nielsen just holds the good parts of her stories back. Like dessert. Must come last. Unless, you know, no one else is looking.

Also took a brief foray into the graphic narrative world…which doesn’t happen that often.

I have an artist in my family. Picked up the book, The Courageous Princess, for her, because it seemed to be a style she’d like…and hedgehogs.

But then it was in the house, and I was bored…so…it seemed the two of us should be together.

And hedgehogs. Mostly hedgehogs.

I’m debating doing a review on it since I’ve only read the middle book of the three. But what I did read was enjoyable (despite my loyalty to novels as novels and not pictures…no offense). The author clearly did some research as far as the old Grimm’s fairytales–of course there’s the dragon-princess-champion-villain combination we all know, but the addition of the Grimm’s heroic companions who could see almost endlessly, walk leagues in a step, hear things far away–not to mention toying with some 1001 Nights myths for the sake of nobility’s genealogy…well, there’s a way to charm fairytale nerds, and appealing to lesser-known stories is it.

And hedgehogs. I did mention hedgehogs, right?


Happy Christmas, everyone. I hope you all have some time to curl up by the fire with a cup of cocoa and a good book.


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