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Reading Update: December 13, 2019

So I finally (finally finally) have some time to myself to read again.

(cue deep sigh of relief, please!)

The last weeks of November/beginning of December are always super crazy for musicians. You want someone to play carols at parties. Provide mood music for craft fairs. Year-end concerts. The like. And if you’re in university, gear up, buckle down, and do whatever other preparation you can for finals.

It can be fun. But now I get reading time again.

So, naturally, I had to wonder what to read.

Should I start break with Tehanu and continue the delectable Earthsea series? I’ve been neglecting Tolkien’s Kullervo. Should I continue giving The Wise Man’s Fear a dark glare and cold shoulder (yes, actually, I should)?

In the end, I decided to pick up where I’d left off at the end of summer, with Jennifer A. Nielsen’s The Runaway King. I was ecstatic to find this one at the Epic Library Sale and have been eagerly anticipating the rest of the adventure since.

Prime example of the book via the opening line:

I had arrived early for my own assassination.

Nielsen, Jennifer A. The Runaway King. Scholastic Press

Seriously. There are reasons I adore this series.

Writing Status: iffy.

Haven’t written much of anything since NaNoWriMo finished…but I’ve been thinking about it. A few paragraphs here and there, notes scribbled in places where they are certain to disappear about a yellow cat and the sound glass makes when you break it. Probably my next project will be for the Writers of the Future contest…if I can find something to spark me into inspiration. Last time a real-life cryptid museum fell (plunk!) straight into my lap and the story wrote itself from there.

So in other words…if you have any strange fantastic ideas you want to send me, from real life or imagination, I will happily provide my favorites with ink and dragons necessary to bring them to life.

Until then,

Happy reading.


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