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(Audio)book update…

Tabitha Sparks, Part 2

So for anyone who remembers my rambling book review of Tabitha Sparks and the Door to Everywhere, and my qualms over reviewing it because I narrated the audiobook…I have an update.

The audiobook is officially released! Today! Like four hours ago!

(please excuse superfluous exclamation points. The BookmarkedOne may be somewhat excited at seeing a 4-6 month project finally come to fruition. Erratic Cheshire cat grinning is also to be expected. And it is also less than a week after the end of NaNoWriMo and all the sleeplessness associated therein. So. Y’know. Patience is appreciated).

Doesn’t it look super official?

So since I’m somewhat biased as far as reviewing the book, and as I confess I’m not exactly a veteran to the audiobook field yet, I’d still love to have someone give it an honest listen and review. Spreading the word would be fantastic and feedback would be even better.

Please Note: Have promo codes; will give free audiobooks to willing and honest reviewers.

Free book, guys! What’s not to like? Anybody?



This is probably enough late-night half-edited blog rambling for me. I may look at this tomorrow and wonder why I didn’t make a more posh book announcement and groan over the vast informality of it all…

But book is out and word is out. And tonight I’ll be happy with that.

If you’re interested in having a copy of Tabitha for yourself, you can find it here: Tabitha Sparks Book 1


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