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Writing Update: October 14, 2019

Writing and not writing and things filling the not-writing time…

So this is going to have to be a short post, only to say it’s going to be the lone post until…well, probably after next Wednesday-ish, if I know myself.

Why, you wonder, have I been absent from my self-imposed bloggish duties?

Well, I was supposed to have a fall break. I think I blinked and missed it. The weekend before that was a violin thing, this last week has been gobbled up by work and university mayhem (midterms, anyone?) and now I’m getting ready for Dragonfest this weekend (inward little girl squeal). Oh, and Monday is a symphony performance out of town.

So in other words, I’m running about like the White Rabbit, winding my watch and “tut-tutting” to myself, lamenting the fact that I don’t have time for croquet. But I am not yet, let it be known, late.

It’s okay, though. I know I’ll muddle through it all. I just might crash and sleep for a ridiculously long time afterward.

How do I know it’s going to be fine?

Well, Dragonfest, for one thing. If the prospect of a Renaissance festival on the horizon can’t make me feel better about insane schedules, I’m not sure there’s much that can. And for another…Wednesday starts the Epic Library Book Sale (yes, they really are called that. I didn’t name them)!

Anyway, I just wanted to write a heads-up so it doesn’t seem like I’ve just quit blogging. More book reviews are in the works, and I fully intend to post on how the faire plays out and probably on my happy day book haul. Just be patient if it’s a few days late. I tend not to publish things until I know they’re ready.

But to be perfectly fair, this is a writing update, so…

Writing Status: Sort of Unblocked?

I mean, the ideas are coming. Just sort of trickling right now, about in pace with the amount of time I’m sneaking to write. So I’m wriggling deep into piles of maps on New York and grappling with timelines and locks and electric lighting and alarm systems and the fact that cities never sleep and overthinking my magic system for the hundreth time whenever I have a breath. Which feels pretty good, except for the overthinking bit.

Reading Update: Still on The Wise Man’s Fear

Still in the midst of the slaphappy relationship, too. Sometimes I don’t want to imagine never having met Rothfuss’s characters. They make me laugh, they make me want to cry…Other times, I’ve had about enough. I’m still reading. Not sure I really want to admit that, but that’s the truth of the matter. We’ll see where it goes. And when life slows down for me a little, I’ve got a Name of the Wind review partially written and staring at me while I’m muddling through. Maybe after another week we can start cracking into that thing…

As usual, if you have book recommendations or books you haven’t read and think I should read first to tell you if they’re worth reading in my lowly esteemed opinion, feel free to let me know. I’m always up for a new adventure. Regardless of whether the White Rabbit thinks I have the time.


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