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A Brief Writing Update

(because I really should be working…)

So for all….okay, probably four of you who read the last writing update and were wondering how the epic fantasy short story was going…well, it’s not.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, it stopped “going” shortly before that post was even published.

Instead, I had an increasingly frustrating version of writer’s block where I had several (possibly) viable and great short story ideas in rapid succession…and somehow lacked inspiration to get any of them past the first pages.

Including the science-fiction/time travel/fantasy/magical realism adventure that followed the epic!

(grumbling grumblingly)

I was pretty frustrated for a while…and what with work and whatnot, haven’t had much time to write anything.

So I gave up.

Sort of.


In the way that means I’m just tugging on a different thread to see where it goes while pretending to be doing nothing so my responsible brain half doesn’t snap awake and glare at me again.

So I stopped trying so hard and went back to working on the one fantasy story (novel, super-long novel–probably bordering on “legendarium” if I ever finish the thing) that I actually like the best.

What? You writers don’t pick favorites of your stories?

Anyway, that was fun for a while, and since it’s sort of a “someday-never” project, meaning I don’t care when it’s done, I could relax. No stress over contest entries or deadlines…


Well…about that.

The story was going really well. So well, in fact, I wondered “Maybe I can take a chunk of this and polish it into a short story?”

And it seems (maybe?) to be working? I think?

I don’t like admitting it because every time I do, it seems I hit another block. Sometimes writing for me is like being an adventurer in the Labyrinth, following the narrow thread to the outside in dark so thick you can almost taste it on your tongue, going along…and smacking headfirst into another wall.

Pick myself up. Try again.

Because I know the view from the opening is going to be beautiful.

So with work/life stuff (disgusting nuisance it can be), I don’t know if I’ll actually finish it in time for the Writers of the Future contest like I was planning…19 days and counting…but I feel better anyway. I know the stories are waiting for me when I finally get a chance to breathe.

So I write.

Or I change plans and go back to the cyberpunk/futuristic fantasy wizard story after listening to enough weird grunge bands with sad stories (for coursework) and 2Cellos covers of the same songs (much more palatable, to stay awake when completing said coursework) to spark something.

Either way.


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