Post 1: July 28, 2019

New website!

Welcome all, to BookmarkedOne. A blog about books, reading, my writing life, and book reviews.

Honestly, I always thought I would start something like this when I published my first book. That still hasn’t happened yet, but with other exciting projects in the works, it seemed like a good time to start it anyway. Maybe by the time I get that first book finished, I’ll have an audience waiting for it.

So. About me.

I’m an avid reader rapidly devolving into a fantasy novel addict, weekend writer, voice actress, and violinist. I stay almost as up to date on the juvenile fiction genre as a children’s librarian, and think YA needs a thorough purge of flirtsy teenage romances. I love good books like a best friend, like Elinor from Inkheart loved them, like Isildur from The Lord of the Rings loved the One Ring. Yes, that much. I read so much, at my desk, on long trips, by a flashlight at night, that I’ve gotten a little nearsighted. Which is why I consider myself bookmarked. My reading has left its mark on me.

I also hate introductions.

So that’s enough of that.

On to book reviews! To writing updates! And whatever else websites are for!

Published by bookmarkedone

I am a voice actress, book addict, musician, and writer. The one thing I do best is tell stories, whether I'm writing them or performing as the character.

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